Watch the 8000-strong “Supra”

Watch the 8000-strong “Supra”


Specialists of the sports division of Toyota Racing Development have presented a new racing car inspired by the GR Supra sports car. Such cars are being developed to participate in the NHRA drag races, which take place annually in the United States. The novelty of the Japanese brand will take part in its first race in February next year. According to the developers, the new car, which replaced the racing Camry, has become safer due to the use of new technical solutions.

The annual NHRA Funny Car drag race will take place in February 2022 in the US state of California. Toyota has been participating in NHRA events for over 30 years. During this period, the Japanese brand won 137 races in the Top Fuel category and 43 races in the Funny Car series. For the past ten years, Toyota drivers have driven Camry-based racing cars. Now the company has opted for the GR Supra, which is completely different from the production model.

In fact, this is a Funny Car class dragster equipped with an 8.2-liter gasoline V8, the output of which, according to the rules of the organization, is 8000 horsepower and 9500 Nm. That is, the car only outwardly imitates the serial “Supra”.

According to the developers, the new car has become safer thanks to the increased space inside the cabin, as well as improved visibility for the driver and the use of stronger materials.

At the end of September, Toyota unveiled the Tundra racing pickup, prepared for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Technically, the modified Tundra has nothing to do with the production model.

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