Water hammer? No, not heard: how the Tesla Model 3 storms “Brody” (video)

Water hammer? No, not heard: how the Tesla Model 3 storms “Brody” (video)


In social networks appeared a few videos from China, in which is shown how electric cars Tesla Model 3 with no hard drive through flooded streets. The videos appeared after China hit by heavy rainfall that caused the most serious flooding over the last 20 years.

Unlike vehicles with traditional combustion engines, the Tesla have a sealed flat bottom and a fully enclosed power units and batteries, allowing major components to continue operating even when more than half of the car went under water.


Plus edition Teslarati reports that the Tesla Model 3 for the Chinese market was subjected to special modernization. In particular, Gigaforce 3 in Shanghai have been actively carried out testing of vehicles on the flooded water on the ground.

Earlier, the head of Tesla Motors Elon Musk said that the new electric Tesla pickup truck Cybertruck will be able to overcome the deep fords and “some time to stay afloat.” Four years ago, Musk has already talked about such abilities of their car, commenting on a video in which Tesla Model S successfully drove through the rain flooded the tunnel in Kazakhstan.

Then the head of the company noted that it is possible through sealed battery pack in the bottom of the machine, which allows a short time to stay afloat. The wheels in this case serve as a rowing mechanism. The Mask strongly recommends against such experiments.

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