Waymo drone created a cork and “flow” from technical support

Waymo drone created a cork and “flow” from technical support


A curious incident took place in Chandler, Arizona. One of Waymo’s drones got stuck on the road due to cones. At that moment, a passenger was in the cabin of the unmanned taxi. He was not taken aback and captured what was happening on video.

The irony is that the taxi passenger was blogger Joel Johnson, who is known on the Web for his drone test drives. For his next video review, he chose the Waymo unmanned taxi. The video turned out to be interesting, but the ending was unexpected.

First, the drone got stuck at one of the intersections, and then tried to “escape” from the technical support specialists. Because of the obstinate drone, most of the road was blocked. This was preceded by a number of other mistakes. At first, the autonomous taxi got stuck at an intersection due to a technical error. Its elimination was only possible on the spot, and a technical support team moved to the drone.

The car did not wait for help and resumed movement on its own, only it did not manage to go far. After driving just a few meters, he stopped again, blocking the roadway. The drone reacted to the orange cones, mistaking them for an obstacle. The road workers removed them and the taxi continued on its way.

The car stopped for the third time when it spotted traffic cones again. Then technical support finally got to him. Only now the drone, for some unknown reason, did not want to interact with specialists and began to “run away” from them. As a result, the Human was able to curb the technique, and the passenger reached the destination.

Recall that Waymo, a company that develops unmanned technologies, is part of the Alphabet holding. Its fleet includes about 600 drones, whose work is remotely monitored by specialists.

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