We Are The World’s Most Viewed Page!

We Are The World’s Most Viewed Page!


What a milestone! We just hit 5 million subs on YouTube and we also became the most watched page on Facebook last month with over 2.78 BILLION VIEWS in just one month. I’m so excited to share this news with you guys and would like to take the opportunity to thank you so much for watching!! A massive thanks to my wonderful team as well who you will meet in this vid. xo Alex

guys you’ve got to look at this this is crazy look we just hit 5 million subs on youtube that’s you guys my youtube fam thank you thank you thank you but what is even crazier is this number right here look at this okay we’re looking at the most views from all creators globally on facebook from any genre in the world and look supercar blondie number one i cannot believe this guys in the month of october we had 2.78 billion views not million billion views in one month and that’s thanks to you guys for watching and also to my wonderful team basically for the first three years it was just me and my husband nick behind the camera there he is just grinding away just like traveling all over the world and just the two of us are building this channel together but just this year i’ve been able to create this incredible team and have them around me to support me and also just i don’t know like create more content and have a lot more fun so let me just introduce you really quickly to everyone this is my little sister kate hi guys also dog obsessed yeah this is my brother-in-law nathan i was this surprised though it’s not my man dt at number one oh mate no he’s got nothing on me nothing on me look at what he’s reading we got my mate searched she does research she’s just joined the team actually and she just sorts out our life she’s amazing you guys i love you so much you have really helped me in the last couple of months and i cannot be more thankful so we’ve got a whole team and that means that we’ve got some crazy new stuff coming for the next year so if you haven’t subscribed yet hit that subscribe button right now now in order to celebrate i’m going to do something kind of crazy what are you doing come check this out alex is here she’s my hairdresser hi guys and i’ve decided to color my hair permanently to this pink bright pink i’ve been considering this for a little while but when we hit those numbers i i thought you know what this is the moment to celebrate just go for it and supercar blondie is now completed supercar is i think we’ve achieved everything we can being supercar blondie so now we’re going to move to the next step the next like generation of supercar blondie with the whole team and after i get pink hair i think you guys are up next to your vlogs and the guys need to go silver yeah yeah okay all right sweetie they’re naturally going for your brush that’s true nick does have a lot of silvers in his hair now if he doesn’t we’re all getting there all right we super pinky well i don’t know you guys comment below what should i be known as now because i’m not super keen on super car pinky super pink it just like reminds me of like pink eye or something so let me know what i should be called some of you call me supercar anyway so maybe we’ll just stay at supercar full stop don’t know let me know let’s do this oh my god what have you done oh my god what do you think i haven’t seen it i haven’t seen it okay okay lucky wait don’t look at it yet don’t look oh my god i don’t know i don’t know oh my gosh it’s so pink like really really pink is it what you expected um i thought i was going to get like more of like a bubble gum oh my god i don’t know is it too dark no it looks you guys know aveline as well she wasn’t here earlier she’s part of the team as well okay okay congrats guys well done thank you guys so much it’s quite a milestone it’s really special and thank you to you guys you mean everything to me honestly otherwise all of us would be out of a job please thank cheers cheers to you guys

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