We didn’t expect this from Passport

We didn’t expect this from Passport


During the preparation of the Honda Passport crossover for the debut stage of Lake Superior Performance, which took place last weekend in Michigan, it was slightly modernized, and this mainly affected safety. For example, a frame was installed in the Honda Passport, the standard seats were replaced with buckets, and the standard three-point belts were replaced with more reliable four-point belts. The vehicle also has a fire extinguishing system.

At the same time, the racing Honda Passport is practically a serial crossover. There is still an “aspirated” V6 3.5 with a capacity of 284 hp. and 355 Nm of maximum torque. Traction also goes to all wheels through a 9-band “automatic” and all-wheel drive i-VTM4 with thrust vector control. There are only a few items in the list of crossover modifications: among them a modified exhaust tract, as well as an optional transmission fluid cooler for the conventional model.

In addition, the crossover has got additional underbody protection made of aluminum and high-density polyurethane, Maxxis RAZR M / T (RAZR A / T) mud tires and 17-inch Braid Winrace T wheels. Improvements also affected the braking system, but the suspension remained unchanged. In its debut race, the Honda Passport crossover took 22nd place out of 42 in the overall standings and fourth out of six in the Limited 4WD segment: at first the team showed good results, but due to a technical problem it lost about 9 minutes.

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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