We gave my fan the surprise of his life!

We gave my fan the surprise of his life!


We surprised a longtime fan of mine, David with a Ferrari Monza SP2. This is one of the rarest Ferrari’s in the world and literally one of the coolest cars I have ever seen. David loves cars and supercars and is one of the biggest car spotting fanatics I’ve ever met… BUT he had never been inside a Ferrari, so today I went to surprise him!Go follow David @rolli_15_Thanks to for reaching out and @bicollection_ferrari & @lareserve_edenaulac_zurich

what’s up guys i’m in zurich switzerland and i’m about to surprise stuff it one and a half years ago at swiss children’s foundation reached out to me called stan they help people young kids and adults actually fulfill their dreams kids and adults who have serious handicaps or diseases dave is now 18 years old he actually has a very rare disorder called osteogenesis imperfecta and it’s basically a bone disorder which means his bones are very fragile so even just a light handshake or a touch could mean he could break a bone so he has to be in a wheelchair but he loves cars and he has a car spotting page on instagram he’s posted nearly 4 000 cars on that page now after one and a half years we finally managed to organize a dream ferrari to surprise dave with here at la reserve this is the hotel who has helped us bring everything together a massive thank you also to ferrari zurich let’s do this all right duffy’s about to arrive and we’re going to surprise him he knows i’m here but he doesn’t know about this beauty right here all right let’s do this what’s oh so cool guys this is david and he’s traveled all the way from basel to zurich finally we could meet after like a year and a half so this is so cool come on in look what we got you got it you got it straight off the bat straight off the bat that is awesome should we have a look yeah yeah all right let’s watch youtube on youtube which would be the youtube video basically yeah yeah because go and like his stuff because he’s got so many so many photos of cars out okay all right should we have a look should we unveil yeah yeah just feel man yeah do you want to film yeah okay ready it’s going on your instagram right what do you think’s cool well let him because he needs to get a good video for his instagram that’s that’s the point of today so he can get something on his instagram right so we’ll let him do his instagram video okay so obviously there’s no windscreen right you know that so how do you open the door we pull this and then they’re so light these ones and look where do you have a ferrari with wing doors guys that’s what’s special about this hey that is so cool if you have a minor worker yeah okay you’re ready to look at it naturally aspirated v12 only all right because there’s no uh shiva right you have to wear a helmet we’ve got the helmet that’s cool huh yeah so cool ferrari yeah of course how are you good you speak english yes can you tell me about your new heat water in dubai yeah so we just opened a whole office three floors did you see the video ah okay so you know everything you know sergi right you see him on the video i’m the one that dropped the the tv down the stairs i will take great care of it and uh yeah and so we’re looking to hire more people you want to come join the team yeah and what’s your what’s your favorite car then it’s hard right yeah oh my god um everyone loves this car it’s a very like european car i have a question for you are you a bmw or mercedes-benz which one mercedes oh okay all right about that one buddy he’s a bmw guy and what do you think of the uh mercedes yeah yeah you’re good good spot oh jeez did you hear it you can get it come on he just hears and he’s like i know exactly what that is that’s crazy i want to take you for a drive how are we feeling yeah amazing yeah amazing he’s the first time in a ferrari and the first time in a ferrari it’s a monza sb2 i mean that is not bad dave’s gonna get the first drive and then i’ll go after him so have fun enjoy and i’m going to drive next to him in the roamer all right let’s do this ready all right get your phone out gotta film it if it’s not on instagram it doesn’t exist never happened this is emilio from ferrari here in zurich so he knows everything about the car which makes me feel more comfortable because it’s going to make david feel more comfortable right so ready ready ready all right all right jump in ready uh how cool is that yeah that’s what we like to see happy faces david thank you now it’s my turn because after all this is the supercar blondie channel my friend champion oh it looks good on you yes thank you for coming out today so nice to meet you and thank you for watching all of my videos i’m just going to take this for a little bit of a drive and then we can catch up yeah awesome yes all right so we’ve got to get in you can’t step on any of this right it’s all carbon fiber got to be super careful here we go here we go boy again hence why i don’t wear dresses or skirts so there’s no windshield as you can see but that right here that is going to act as a wind deflector actually i need my glasses the most important thing otherwise i get bugs in my eyes all right start her up all right naturally aspirated v12 800 horsepower let’s do this same and all based off the same engine as the a12 super fast the only annoying thing about this car is having to look constantly above this little bit here in front of you now i’m driving behind a tram i got a bug in my eye messy film that was awesome thank you so much to the owner you know who you are uh for bringing this all the way to zurich to feature on the super company channel and surprise dave with that was awesome a massive thank you to ferrari zurich and also to the hotel here we have love staying here it’s lava reserve and they actually helped us arrange this whole thing so a massive shout out to you guys all right that’s it hope you like the vid guys we’re out bye you

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