We Hit the Curb at 250km/h!!

We Hit the Curb at 250km/h!!


Thanks to Sidchrome and Team 18 for letting me have this first time experience of the V8 Australian Supercar Series! Never experienced hitting curbs at 250km/h!Win The 69′ Camaro Project Car here:Follow me on:

a job car you can buy the landscape oh did you old video camera well what is happening I’m just about to get to there’s something to sand down any snake and now the drivers are gonna take me around in the same track that they just raced on yes now it’s like my first time laughs all right we’re gonna go you know let’s eat in this seat yeah they have thought well my look there’s no speed up well sorry I certainly don’t avoid those courtesy discount locks the curbs on them seriously instead of like avoiding the Guru just straight up over the toilet cook straight up over the top and back down again on every single corner and that’s why you got one of the eating so fast to be thrown about to succeed down the backs right and and and you know about 200 through that corner down the backstraight 200 record art can you imagine and that’s why now I know why I had to put on all of these things before because in this kind of car you get thrown away around way more than you would ever say like a Ferrari or a Porsche around the track so I’ve never seen this in a race car so this is a great class so we changed the you know where the how much front brake we’ve got or how much we’re depending on whether it’s straight line breaking more sort of you know with steering angle we stiffen up the front usually it creates a bit less front grip okay all right we change them along youtuber the rights depending on your around your tire quality yep and your balance so and then obviously your 6-speed sequential shifter there straight back very loud completely different experience to boldly all the tracks around the track you know a Ferrari McLaren these guys they’re not afraid we’ll just take on those curves you know the curves a little mark off the side of the racetrack they just go straight up and over the driver I’m trying to get trying to get like say flies in the chat and no one of these chances are you being all over the car like there’s a lot of rocking going on in there all right I’ve got the drive I knew in Italy are they smart 30 I’ve been racing since our seven years our guy when all the ranks men live in a series of burning it’s always my we get out our engines off Kenny Mack the triple Eight’s engines well if they they basically do about five or six engines in the field and there’s a power play to block it pumps out about 670 horsepower so they get absolutely everything out of it revs to seven hours it’s a monograph rather than okay that’s what makes a real thrill I think you took me around the neck just calm down now after about 10 minutes of being out of this car but experience like nothing else you’re actually the team I am I don’t throw this together what do you love about it there are lots of different universes this is the closest so to really really close racing its door-to-door I don’t hand him to door handle a lot of rubbing and and so close anyone can sort of I’m continuously tri-state crimes actually giving away go crazy actually building their own cause this anime a b12 why I’m really here in Melbourne the Superdome actually sponsored this team team a team that I was going around those back in pain come here to kind of get the word out that they’re giving a car away and we’ve got to have this incredible experience what is their chrome do I’ll show you tools tools mate tools tools mate lot of these tools all right you in a fix-it car you use them on a daily basis yeah loose I hope you liked the video that was just a really last-minute thing I thought my daughter getting into us a v8 supercar here in Melbourne please like the video subscribe to my channel and we’ll see on the next one love ya

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