Well, these dealers: Toyota and Lexus have opened an online store on Amazon

Well, these dealers: Toyota and Lexus have opened an online store on Amazon


Toyota and Lexus have announced the opening of an Amazon UK store that will operate 24/7. In a pandemic, when queues for cars stretch for several years, this is an ambiguous step.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with a link to CarScoops.

Nevertheless, both Japanese brands are optimistic and state that their own store will provide quick access to both current and new models, as well as spare parts and accessories.

“We are always thinking about how we can improve our customer service, which includes making it easier and more convenient for them to get the items they want for their car, when they need them and wherever they are. “said Rob Giles, head of Toyota UK Customer Service.

Toyota and Lexus are currently in the process of assembling an assortment, but will eventually offer customers thousands of different products: from brake pads, wipers, seals to roof rails and floor mats. The store will also feature Gazoo Racing branded products for Toyota GR Sport models, including the GR Supra, GR Yaris and the upcoming GR86 Coupe.

The Japanese auto giant has officially confirmed that all parts ordered from its Amazon store come with the same warranties as purchased from Toyota or Lexus dealers.

“This will give our brands a formal presence in one of the UK’s most popular online retailers, while maintaining all the quality and performance assurances customers have come to expect. The range available is impressive and expanding rapidly to cover every aspect of car ownership, from wear to wear to accessories that people can confidently choose for themselves. “

Note that Hyundai has had a virtual store on Amazon for a long time. The Korean carmaker announced last year that it is expanding its presence on the Amazon platform so that US customers will also be able to purchase Hyundai vehicles and accessories from the website.

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