WET & WILD! British Leyland Challenge Highlights | Series 10 | BBC

WET & WILD! British Leyland Challenge Highlights | Series 10 | BBC


Clarkson, Hammond and May set out to prove that British Leyland made some good cars back in the day. Featuring three popular British made family cars of the 1970s and 80s – The Rover SD1, the Triumph Dolomite, and the Austin Princess, but can they survive the boy’s rigorous testing? Clip taken from series 10, episode 6.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: TopGear.com website: Facebook: Twitter:

Not enjoying it at all!
It's gone down my neck! -Something just came off.
-It's the bumper. It's not going well! Sun visor's gone! I was working out the other day
how many classics Led Zeppelin… I mean classics like "Stairway"… Oh, dear. It wasn't even worth measuring
the egg residue, because I'd lost so much money
for bits falling off. Door mirror, glove box lid. Oh, and this funny thing. -Three, four…
-And this. -And that.
-Five. -Technically that.
-Six. I fired up the Rover. It does that. -I've got more on the front, why's that?
-Because mine was… I have to sit further forwards
than you, 'cause I'm short. That's what it. Oh, that looks pretty poor. Coiled springs absorbing
all the bumps nicely. There's a lot of weight on those springs. -That was the door.
-Having fun? Still, I'd only lost one thing. Two things. What you need to do is find a bit
that's not been exposed. British Racing Green
was an official colour. No worries! Except I desperately needed
to wash my hair. Oh, get off, Jeremy! That's disgusting!
I don't know which is worse… What I've done is I've wiped my hair
on a seat that's 30 years old and has had some Midlander's bottom on it. So I borrowed MIRA's wet weather skid pan. Yeah! Now I'm going. I'm drifting
and washing my hair. It's a world first! You're drifting. I'm drifting off. We'd tested speed,
handbrakes and ride comfort, but there was one more thing. I was told to weld my door back in place and report with the others to
the Top Gear test track… in dry suits. Mine doesn't fit. -Stop moaning.
-It doesn't fit! Just pull it! Oh, it's like watching
it give birth… to a thing. We were given the challenge. What? "Your cars will now be filled
to the brim with water and then you will drive round the track." That explains it. -How will you breathe?
-It doesn't say. It says, "When the water level drops below
the bottom of the steering wheel, you will stop. The person who covers
the greatest distance is the winner." Yeah, the water will come out
of all the panels that don't fit properly, so, the quicker the water comes out, the less well-made it is
and the shorter distance. But the speed of it as well.
The water's going to be gushing out. You've got a really fast car,
you'll go miles. Actually, it's quite a thorough test, because it tests performance
and build quality for the water… -It's pretty thorough.
-It does say you go first. -So, off you go.
-See you. You go first. You'll be the first person
ever to drive a car underwater. -Were you making it up?
-Yes. The cars would be filled by fire trucks
and to make sure they didn't leak so badly that they couldn't be brimmed
with water, the doors were sealed with gaffer tape. You could have used warm water!
It's freezing! There's 30-odd years' worth of fag ends
and fluff coming up on top! Look at it going up the window.
It's fantastic. Oh, I can hear him! Yeah, go, go, go! The extra weight did blunt
the Dolly's performance. -And he's leaving a big trail of water.
-That's a big trail of water. Fortunately,
because the water came out so quickly, I was soon able to pick up some speed. The weight of the water is so immense,
that as you go round the corner, it could slosh over
to one side and roll over. Imagine filling
the insurance form in on that! "Well, how did he drown?" -This is going to take more than…
-That little box. Despite the Dolly's leakiness,
I made it past Hammerhead. Oh, me… that's fallen out. I'd better be honest, that's just dipped
below the steering wheel now. He's stopped. He's stopped just before
the follow-through. -More than half a lap.
-More than half a lap. -You think you can beat that?
-Let's see. Here we go. Oh, look at this… One of the issues with the Austin Princess
we're able to determine now, very badly fitted door handles. It should've been called
the Austin Colander! Even so, it was filling quite well. This is a great sport. And I checked to make sure
James's snorkel was working. And go! Look at the speed! The other great is James still has no idea
how to drive round this track. He never does power tests. He's done it right. About at the same speed
Terry Wogan went round it. Nevertheless, James was doing brilliantly. I'm going to pass Hammond!
There it is! Yes! In fact, the Princess could hold
its drink so well, he did a full lap! -He's not cheating! I can't believe it!
-It's still there And then he passed Hammond again! Yes! Yes! And I've just lost it. -You've been lapped.
-That doesn't happen every day. -Lapped by Captain Slow.
-In an Austin Princess full of water. -Right, bring on the Rover!
-Yeah! The water thundered in… It is quite cold now. ..and came straight out again. We're having to use two hoses,
because your Rover leaks so badly. Rubbish! I was only bothered
about my secret weapon. Yeah! Height-adjustable! Oh, he's lowered it. Two hoses still weren't enough. We're going to have to put
a third hosepipe in to fill it. Yes! -Jeremy, it's not filling up.
-Yes, it is. No, it isn't! Eventually, we became bored
and the tankers became empty. So, we sent him on his way. Go! Yeah, feel the power! It's looking good! Oh, no! The damn door's come off! -That's quite a big panel gap you've got.
-That is quite a gap. You lost that badly.

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