“What a twist!”: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is more dangerous than a drunk driver?

“What a twist!”: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is more dangerous than a drunk driver?


British security IAM RoadSmart research centre TRL Foundation and the Rees Jeffreys Road conducted an experiment and found that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, used in motion more dangerous than a legal dose of alcohol from the driver (in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is 80 mg per 100 ml of blood) and even than cannabis.

The experience took place on the simulator, using as a basis a real car with a large screen in front of him. Subjects were asked at different speeds and in different road conditions to perform the tasks associated with multimedia system. They had quickly as possible, to react to suddenly appearing over the road red line, pulling the stalk switch itself. Reaction time was measured electronically.

The slow reaction of the driver

Legal dose of alcohol 12%
Cannabis 21%
Phone hands-free 27%
Android Auto (voice control) 30%
Reading a text message 35%
Apple CarPlay (voice control) 36%
Phone in hand 46%
Android Auto (touchscreen) 53%
Apple CarPlay (touchscreen) 57%

The typical reaction time to the sudden appearance of the stimulus on the road in ideal conditions and without distractions was measured as one second. Stripes above show how to increase this reaction in different types of interference. The test had a few, they were doing exercises several times for greater accuracy. In the course of the experiment was measured and the time that drivers look away from the road, doing a multimedia system. It reached in some cases phenomenal 16 s this is subjective, according to the survey after the experience, the participants felt that they were distracted for a shorter time.


The tasks of the accomplices entered the highway in front of the car at a speed of 113 km/h, moving in a complex traffic at the same speed and movement on the big eight at a pace of 64 km/h.

Along with control of the vehicle subjects had to choose a music channel on the radio, determine the route to the train station, the restaurant and the gas station, read text messages of different lengths and make phone calls. It all had to do with the help of smartphone and multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto using voice control and touch screen.

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So it became clear that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto slow driver reaction stronger than in Britain, the permissible dose of alcohol in the blood. (Which, of course, is no excuse for drinking and driving.) By the way, more than ten years ago it was found that talking on the phone, even hands free, distracts the driver more than conversation with a passenger. And Ferdowsi in 2017 showed how the syndrome FOMO (fear of missing out – the fear of missing something important) causes of the accident.

You use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

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