What batteries does BMW put on?

What batteries does BMW put on?


BMW’s upcoming all-new Neue Klasse EV executive sedan will use battery technology familiar to today’s electric vehicles, but the company still plans to introduce solid-state batteries in the near future.

The brand does not say when such batteries may enter the mainstream market, but it has repeatedly stated its commitment to adopting solid-state technology as a means of increasing product range and reducing costs. He announced that he will deploy the technology in a demonstration vehicle by 2025.

This will likely be in the spirit of the new iX5 Hydrogen fuel cell engine, which will be used for customer testing, but has no plans to go on sale yet.

In addition to improving usability with fewer charges, solid state batteries will also be disposed of in line with BMW’s ambitious sustainability pledges and will be produced “within the European value chain,” as confirmed earlier this year by the CEO of the research and development department of the company by Frank Weber.

The introduction of solid-state batteries will mark another step in the evolution of BMW electric vehicles and will be critical in bringing them closer to their gasoline and diesel equivalents in terms of price, thanks to a significant reduction in operating costs.

The electric sedan, currently known internally as the NK1, will receive a sixth-generation BMW electric powertrain, fast charging capability, lightweight construction and a new blend of sustainable building materials. It will be sold alongside combustion-engine sedans and new electric vehicle models with an expected launch date in 2025.

However, it is not yet clear if the solid-state technology will be commercially viable over the life of the NK1, or if it will be the next generation of road cars that will receive new batteries.

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