What came presidents of the Normandy summit

What came presidents of the Normandy summit


The Normandy four leaders arrived for talks in Paris on the cars produced in their countries, and only Vladimir Zelensky not found among the domestic automobile industry as a worthy representative.

The President of France Emmanuel macron took colleagues at the Elysee Palace, so his car at this meeting was not required. The first of three remaining leaders came Angela Merkel. Her Mercedes was taken to the entrance to the Elysee Palace.

Vladimir Zelensky arrived on the French Renault Espace with local numbers. This is the budget car in the channel meeting in Paris on 9 December. The car this model can be bought for 25 thousand dollars.

The President of Ukraine landed a little further than Merkel. However, the same distance to the entrance to the Elysee Palace had to go and Vladimir Putin. He arrived in a limousine Aurus is an production.

Are You satisfied with the choice of car our President?

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