What can look like a revived crossover Lancia Montecarlo

What can look like a revived crossover Lancia Montecarlo


An independent artist presented his vision of what the Italian Lancia Montecarlo could become in the now popular crossover body. There is no indication that Lancia intends to present such a model.

Stellantis, the world’s fourth-largest automaker, has pledged to seriously reorganize all of its 14 brands over the next 10 years. This means that Lancia’s “troubled brand” will expand in terms of the number of models sold. The company currently sells only one Ypsilon model and only in Italy.

An expansion in the range is in the works, and it is highly likely that Lancia will build on its heritage by reviving the old names for new models in the electrifying age.

Independent artist David Obendorfer also thought about this, hypothetically “bringing back to life” Beta Montecarlo (later known simply as Montecarlo), a mid-engined sports car sold from the mid-1970s to early 1980s with a two-year hiatus. … A modified version of the car was briefly available in the United States as the Scorpion.

It may seem blasphemous to turn a high-performance car designed by Pininfarina into another crossover, but the truth is that most people want crossovers and SUVs. Ford with Mustang and Mitsubishi with Eclipse have repurposed their iconic models into crossovers.

Despite the radical change in body style, the transformation is almost completely natural, and the end result is not too far from what we would expect from the official image provided by the automaker. The Montecarlo SUV has a sloping roofline and a pair of rear doors with hidden handles to maintain the illusion of a coupe.

The black front and rear bumpers are a homage to the original Beta Montecarlo, as is the red paint scheme. It would be wise to launch a new Lancia product with a retro look rather than simply renaming the existing Stellantis model.

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