What cars can be found in the TV series “Chernobyl”

What cars can be found in the TV series “Chernobyl”

Series “Chernobyl” has become famous as the most popular in the history. Its creators succeeded to recreate the atmosphere and life of the era of perestroika.

Of course, on the set tried to use the maximum number of Soviet cars. In the West these machines are a novelty and a popular website Jalopnik even conducts an educational program for motorists.

Although we’re all familiar. The Director of the nuclear power plant and the KGB go to the Volga GAZ-24, and party officials of the highest rank – the GAZ-3102. In frames constantly flashed various Lada, Moskvich, Jiri, there is even a Cossack. It is noteworthy that even the license plates are correct.

Use fire Trucks and ambulances Rafa. The military, as expected, UAZ, GAZ-66 and BRDM-2. There are buses LAZ and KAVZ.

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But perhaps the most interesting vehicle in the series – detailed recreations of Soviet drone. By the way, he used the chassis of the Rover.

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