What could be the first electric car from BMW

What could be the first electric car from BMW


The design of modern BMW models not all happy fans of the brand – say, is not the same elegance, the detailing is excessive, the nostrils are too large, the curve of the Hofmeister distorted, light – like South Korean cars and so on. There is, however, an alternative view on what should be a BMW today – we offer you the 02 Reminiscence Concept project from independent designer David Obendorfer.

The work of David Obendorfer, a graduate of the Art University named after Laszlo Moholy Nagy in Budapest, his alternative new Mercedes-Benz E-class last year sparked heated debate in the Network. In the portfolio of independent designer I have accumulated a collection of modern interpretations of classic cars, and BMW 02 Reminiscence Concept – the most recent work.



The project is dedicated to the Olympic electric coupe BMW 1602 Elektroantrieb made in 1972 for the transport of VIP guests and accompanied by the Olympic flame. Commercially this model, of course, was not made in 70-e years there was no commercial necessity, but today, when BMW keeps steady course on electrification, “kopeck piece” on the battery – quite a promising product, and Obendorfer showed how he might look.

Obendorfer avoids the definition of “retro” in relation to their projects: 02 Reminiscence Concept not copies, and reinvents the ideas of Wilhelm Hofmeister, the chief founder of the BMW style of the last century. Concept independent designer doesn’t look old-fashioned, but key features of the classic “kopeck piece” in it. Particularly interesting is Obendorfer beat the topic brand of the nostrils, which electric car do not need to pass air. They are written in a symmetric plastic covers on the front. Central painted a jumper between them emphasizes the shape of the nostrils, so there is no need to inflate them to gigantic size as on modern mass-produced cars of the Bavarian brand.

Draw your attention to typical old BMW shark profile front, which may be difficult to combine with the current requirements for pedestrian safety, but it is of such shape today is a dream of many fans of the German brand. The feed is visually very light, with a low trunk lid and neat round led lights.



The interior is made in minimalistic and modern way. On “kopeck piece” of 70’s in it resemble a flat front panel with narrow vents of the ventilation system and steering wheel with three spokes laced, but the instruments are completely virtual and physical keys are almost there. Very nicely made unit climate control, consisting of three wells with a rotating bezel and screen on the inside. The cushions of the front seats smoothly flow into the pockets of the door cards.

The German press and its readers are all excited about the alternative “kopeck piece” of Obendorfer, but BMW, of course, a project enthusiast will be ignored and will continue to stick to their design line – the premiere of the new 2 Series coupe is not far off, but a fully electric version of the serial car is not.

Meanwhile, as the experience of the British company Ineos Automotive, modern interpretation of the classic models may result in alternative and relatively short run product for connoisseurs of traditional automotive values, so that, perhaps, one of the developments of Obendorfer sooner or later get the material embodiment.

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