What could be the new “Loaf”

What could be the new “Loaf”


The Network has revealed a design project of an unusual hybrid UAZ “Loaf” or a Hummer. Their work posted on the site cardesign.ru independent industrial designer Alexander Isaev.

Thens decided to cross “Ulyanovsk” “rogue” with the equally legendary American “Hummer”. So it might look new generation of the legendary “Loaf” in a parallel universe. Stylistically in the development of guess the appearance of the Oise, with no problem to read and the image of the Hummer H2. Both models combines “square” silhouette, large grille and round headlights.

The concept of “Loaves Next” got my name “H-UAZ”. As planned, the SUV has a frame structure that wraps body with original curved modular panels, which is a practical solution – allowing you to protect from all sides the most vulnerable glass.


Brutal car can be built in a modification of a pickup truck and a van with a box body. The passenger in cabin can fit up to eight people, and rear seats (triple, “the bench”) are on the sides and turned towards each other, liken cars. Front door opens against the direction of motion (facilitates access cab), double side doors, no b-pillar.

It is assumed that H-UAZ has a three-meter wheelbase and ground clearance 600 mm, is equipped with all-wheel drive, torsion suspension system, Central tire inflation, built-in GPS.

The development has a high attention to detail, silhouette, sustainable, reliable with mind design, capacity and interesting design of the rear lights.

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