“What did you break?”: the ranking of the most capricious motors


The American nonprofit organization Consumer Reports has published the list of cars with the cranky engines that require costly repairs at relatively low mileage. The list was compiled based on the owner reviews of used cars which in different years were sold in the U.S. market.

Here are 10 cars with the most problematic engines. On the first line by the number of negative reviews was the Audi A4 2009-2010 model years. Owners of this model had to invest in the renovation of already 170-250 thousand kilometers. In the second place Ford F-350 2008 diesel engine capacity of 6.4 liters. With him the problems arose already at the mileage 104-191 thousand kilometers. Closes the three Chrysler PT Cruiser 2001, which requires engine overhaul after 164-214 thousand kilometers.


The following is a complete list of cars, which often need major engine repair.

Model Release year Mileage before repair
Audi A4 2009-2010 170 000-250 000
Ford F-350 2008 170 000-250 000
Chrysler PT Cruiser 2001 164 000-214 000
MINI Cooper 2008-2009 196 000-208 000
Chevrolet Equinox/GMC Terrain 2010 135 000 000-174
Jeep Wrangler 2006 240 000
Cadillac SRX 2010 210 000
Acura MDX 2003 305 000
Buick Lucerne 2006 187 000-230 000
GMC Acadia 2010 170 000-208 000

In Consumer Reports emphasizes that the problems that have arisen in these cars, were of a different nature, was not always associated with wear.

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