What does Bugatti prepare after merging with Rimac?

What does Bugatti prepare after merging with Rimac?


The first electric car of the French brand will be released during this decade.

We have just talked about the merger of Bugatti and Rimac, and it has already become known about the further plans of the joint venture. At a special event in honor of the new education, information about future innovations was announced.

Mate Rimac, head of the company of the same name, said that the first Bugatti electric car will be released within the current decade, and it will not be a renamed copy of the Rimac Nevera. The novelty also has nothing to do with the Chiron. In other words, something completely new awaits us.

It was also noted that although future hypercars will electrify, they will also retain gasoline turbo engines. At the same time, it is not yet clear whether the new power plant will be built on the basis of the W16 8.0. Oliver Blume, head of Porsche, who has joined Bugatti-Rimac’s supervisory board, said that despite the evolution, Bugatti will continue to listen closely to the brand’s fans. There are no plans for a complete rejection of the internal combustion engine yet, and some future innovations may include models for everyday driving.

Within the framework of the event, three secret vehicles under coverings were also demonstrated. Two of them are shaped like a sports coupe, and one looks more like a classic model. The assembly of the new Bugatti will continue to be carried out at home in France, but the headquarters of the joint venture will be located in Croatia (first in Zagreb, and then in Sveta Nedele).

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