What does hydrogen sound like?

What does hydrogen sound like?


Toyota announced last week that it was testing a hydrogen combustion engine. The experimental ICE is installed on the Corolla Sport hatchback and will be tested in the harsh conditions of the Super Taikyu Series 2021 Powered by Hankook marathon races. But even before the start of the competition, the company posted a video on the Web where you can hear how a car with an exotic power plant sounds.

It is already known that the experimental unit is based on a 1.6 three-cylinder turbo engine from Toyota GR Yaris with a new fuel line and injection system. Instead of a gasoline tank, there is a multilayer composite cylinder in which hydrogen gas is stored at a pressure of 700 bar. The fuel comes from the local Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field, one of the world’s largest green hydrogen plants.

During the tests, the driver of the Toyota Gazoo Racing Team Zent Cerumo Hiroaki Ishiura was at the wheel of the Corolla, who shared his impressions. “I expected something completely different,” Ishiura confessed. – But the sensations are the same as from a car with a conventional engine. And if I had not been told the opposite, I would have thought that it is so ”. Even the characteristic sound was preserved, which is especially important for sports cars, but harmful emissions at the same time decreased to almost zero.

In addition to the exotic engine, the Corolla Sport racing hatchback is also rumored to have all-wheel drive. The entire transmission has migrated to it from the GR Yaris, and the company is even thinking of launching such a car into production. Of course, without a hydrogen internal combustion engine, but with a conventional “turbo-engine”, but boosted up to 300 horsepower.

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