What does the new KIA Sportage look like in the database?

What does the new KIA Sportage look like in the database?


Sales of the new, fifth generation KIA Sportage crossover began in South Korea. Recall that the car was presented back in June this year. By the start of sales, the manufacturer has distributed a new batch of photos of the novelty.

The photo shows the top-end KIA Sportage with 19-inch wheels and a two-tone paint job. The pictures of the interior show crossovers in different versions: “rich” – with a touch screen of the multimedia complex, climate control and other functions and basic – with a small black-and-white display of the media system, air conditioning and simple interior decoration.

From the outside, the new generation Sportage looks really impressive – the interweaving of sculptural forms, sharp edges and complex compositional solutions make you hold your gaze for a long time.

Recall that the new Sportage platform is unified with the new generation Hyundai Tucson. The length of the crossover is 4 660 mm (+180 mm compared to its predecessor), the wheelbase is 2 755 mm (+85 mm compared to its predecessor).

The base for the crossover was a 1.6-liter gasoline turbo engine of the TGDI family. Its output reaches 180 hp. and 264 Nm. The power unit is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-speed “robot”. Alternatively, a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel with variable geometry is available. The power of the latter is 186 hp, the torque is 416 Nm. Sportage on heavy “fuel” is aggregated exclusively with an 8-speed “automatic”.

Production of the fifth Sportage in South Korea started in June.

Receiving orders for the new generation KIA Sportage in Korea started on July 6, and even before the start of live sales, the model managed to break the record for the volume of prepaid applications in the compact crossover class – 22,195 units, with 16,078 contracts signed 6-7 numbers.

The outgoing generation KIA Sportage has been produced since 2015. In our market, the crossover is available at a price of $ 19,700.

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