What e-up? VW resumed sales of the most affordable electric car

What e-up? VW resumed sales of the most affordable electric car


Volkswagen’s most affordable electric car has returned to the German market, the e-up!, which costs from 26,895 euros (including subsidies – 17,145 euros). The German brand was forced to suspend taking orders for the model at the end of 2020, since by that time the queue for it had stretched for almost a year and a half. And now, after 16 months, the Germans again have the opportunity to buy an electric car. Later e-up! will be available in other European markets.

Electric e-up! has been produced since 2013 and in 2019 it underwent an update. Immediately after that, the demand for the model soared: if by the time of restyling its total sales for previous years amounted to only 21 thousand copies, and after the update, Volkswagen collected more than 33 thousand orders.

The plant in Bratislava (Slovakia), where the production of electric cars is established, was not designed to assemble such a number of cars. The coronavirus pandemic also played a role, due to which the company was unable to quickly increase production volumes. In this situation, Volkswagen felt that it was more appropriate to suspend the acceptance of new applications.

The current electric car is equipped with an 83 horsepower engine and a 32.3 kilowatt-hour battery, one charge of which is enough for 260 kilometers on the WLTP cycle. From zero to “hundreds” e-up! accelerates in 11.9 seconds, and the maximum speed is limited to 130 kilometers per hour. For modern electric vehicles, these are very modest figures, however, the model costs much less than, for example, ID.3 with a starting price tag of 31.5 thousand euros, excluding discounts and subsidies.

In your e-up class! competes with Peugeot e-208 (from 30,450 euros), Fiat 500e (from 34,900 euros) and Nissan Leaf (from 29,990 euros). The most popular electric car in the European market remains the Tesla Model 3 (from 39,990 euros).

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