What happens if you cross a Ferrari supercar with a Tesla electric car?

What happens if you cross a Ferrari supercar with a Tesla electric car?


Australian company Battle Approved Motors has unveiled the first images of its new electric SUV, the R101, which is being crowdfunded by experts. In fact, the future car is a two-seater ATV in which the driver and passenger sit next to each other. The electric car, which is a cross between Ferrari and Tesla, is in the final stages of development.

Developers classify their vehicle as a parallel riding ATV. For more than five years, the electric car has been created by the head of Battle Approved Motors Chris James and a former BMX racer. The two-seater electric car will receive an innovative suspension that will be able to automatically change the ground clearance depending on the terrain conditions. Judging by the images, the ATV is equipped with four touchscreen displays, one of which will be placed on the steering wheel. The central screen will have a vertical orientation, by analogy with Tesla.

The electric SUV will be equipped with an internal roll cage for active driving on rough terrain and an all-wheel drive system. Nothing is known about the power plant of an electric ATV, but the developers claim that it will be more powerful than gasoline counterparts.

The creators of the car characterize the vehicle as a cross between Ferrari and Tesla with an eye on the off-road.

The company continues to raise funds for the creation of a new off-road vehicle using a crowdfunding platform. Currently, specialists have received $ 830,000. The engineers plan to bring the first electric cars to the market in 2022.

In April last year, the Ukrainian workshop Iron Custom Motors built a hybrid of an ATV and a Quanta R. The custom car, equipped with a Subaru boxer and an all-wheel drive transmission, accelerates to the first 100 in less than three seconds, like a hypercar. >

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