What happens if you stick a V8 in a small Subaru BRZ coupe?

What happens if you stick a V8 in a small Subaru BRZ coupe?


Under the hood of this Subaru BRZ is a 500-horsepower LS3 V8 engine, according to a recently posted YouTube video. The car started to sound pretty wild.

Here’s a hypothetical situation. You’ve got a little money to spend on a fun 500 horsepower car that can be driven around the track but still driven on public roads. You want a two-seater car and you like the classic engine layout. That car could be a Corvette or perhaps a new Supra with ECU tuning. You probably don’t think about the Subaru BRZ.

Obviously, the standard BRZ version will not meet the above criteria.

This is definitely a light car with 205 hp, which is produced by its standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder from the previous generation. The owner of this particular BRZ, as shown in The Smoking Tire video above, tried to fix this by installing additional turbines and superchargers.

The result is a real “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. From the outside, this old BRZ looks pretty damn normal. The cabin contains racing seats with a roll cage. Under the hood sits a powerful 6.2-liter LS3 V8, which will definitely make itself felt when switched on, even if the active exhaust is set to quiet mode. Judging by the video, the engine gives out 500 hp to the rear wheels. when using gasoline.

So the gist of this video is to decide if replacing the LS with a Subaru BRZ is better than just buying a C7 Corvette. Of course, there are a number of upgrades to complement the V8 engine installation, not the least of which are the T56 six-speed manual transmission, upgraded suspension, upgraded brakes and so on. Combined with a car that is shorter and lighter than the Vette, the LS-powered BRZ is a very strong argument in its own right.

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