What is the future for Nissan and Infiniti?

What is the future for Nissan and Infiniti?


Bloomberg, citing its own sources reported that Nissan is looking for ways to cut annual costs by 300 billion yen ($2.8 billion). These measures will be part of a three-year plan aimed at revitalizing the company, and included the Infiniti brand. Rumors about large-scale transformation of the company was already leaked earlier, however, was not quite correct. Nissan offers a very big change, but from Europe, the brand will not go away.

It is expected that concrete steps to reduce the costs of manual Nissan will announce at the end of the month, during the presentation of the financial report for the previous 2019. Analysts and insiders are confident that the company will still refuse present in the lower price segment of Datsun, will stop one production line and will significantly reduce the marketing costs and research activities.

In addition, according to Bloomberg, the company is considering to simplify the operation of the development centers in India, Vietnam and Thailand, and to restart the Infiniti brand. To do this, Nissan will focus on the largest and most lucrative markets – the US, Japan and China. The European range of brands, meanwhile, will be represented only by crossovers and electrical models developed in the framework of the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi.


Most likely Nissan will close the plant located in Barcelona, and will transfer production to Renault plants in France and other countries. In addition, automakers are considering the possibility to extend the scope of collaborative production on other production sites in Europe and also in South America and Southeast Asia. Nissan’s manufacturing facility currently amount to about 7 million vehicles a year.

But the second Nissan plant in the UK, on the contrary preparing to launch serial production of the crossover Qashqai new generation. Read more about Nissan model policy will be known later.

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