What kind of car was owned and owns Elon Musk

What kind of car was owned and owns Elon Musk


Elon Musk is frequently in the media with their big ideas and scandalous speeches. But the life of a talented engineer and businessman outside of Tesla and Space X, the journalists seldom write except on how and what he spends the money earned.

For example, I’m sure many would be interested to know what car owns Elon Musk. In this regard, OBOZREVATEL decided to raise one of the lesser-known aspects of the life of a billionaire and tell you what is interesting in his garage.


So what exactly drives one of the most famous people of our time? Many may think that Elon used exclusively on Tesla, but it’s not. Besides, sooner because Ilona was also machine – at the time when his famous company producing electric cars didn’t exist at all.

BMW 320i for $ 1400. The first car Elon musk

The first car Ilona Mac?was VMW 320і 1978. He bought it in 1994 for $ 1400 damaged and he repaired. The possession of “the Bavarians” lasted two years – after an accident he decided to say goodbye to the car. By the way, in the ill-fated day the car was driven trainee Ilona of his first company Zip2.

1967 Jaguar E-Type – dream-frustration

In 17 years, Elon musk gave a book about the classic car, which caused him to fall in love with this class of car. And boy I promised myself that if ever I can afford a convertible, then buy it. Later it happened: on the first bonus in the amount of $ 40,000, which he received from created with his brother the company Zip2, Musk bought a Jaguar E-Type. But, at the request of Ilona, the dream car was like “bad girlfriend” – he broke down and brought a lot of trouble.

McLaren F1, which became a Changeling

After the sale of PayPal Elon Musk buying a McLaren F1. After driving it a little less than 18 000 km, the owner was in a hard crash: it was a charge for the demonstration of the “trick” in front of a partner who was traveling with him. The car rolled over several times, received numerous injuries and, unfortunately, was not insured. However, the car was eventually restored, but a few years ago it was sold for almost $ 1 million.

Lotus Esprit from your favorite movie

B 2013 Mac? acquired Lоtuѕ Еѕрrіt that was used in the film 007 “the Spy who loved me” 1977. Purchase cost 920 000 dollars. Elon Musk loved that movie and wanted to get amphibious vehicle at any price. And he did it.

Audi Q7, which has had an impact on Tesla Model S

Also the Creator of Tesla was the crossover Audi Q7, which he bought somewhere in 2012 (exact date unknown). According to Ilona, it was a “terrible car” because it was annoying the fact that the third row of seats, it was almost impossible to sit down. “At best you need to be a dwarf to get in the back seat” – so he described the car Elon. In the end, when he developed the Tesla Model S, Musk has done everything that she has got convenient doors that could provide easy access to the interior of rear passengers.

Modified BMW M5

B 2007 Mac? bought a sporty BMW M5. The car was tuned with an expanded body and a 5.0 V10 engine. Built this car Studio Hamann.


Other cars Elon musk:

Porsche 911 ?uplen in 2012.

A gift from a friend – Fоrd Model T;

And, of course, Teslа – Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Суbertruсk.

What cars exactly will be the Mask in the future:

Tesla Roadster 2

Another Tesla, which is scheduled to release later this year. This will be one of the fastest cars of our time, so he, no doubt, will appear in Ilona.

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