What leads to a binge: the Finn launched the rental “Jigules”

What leads to a binge: the Finn launched the rental “Jigules”


Former official Hannu Laurikainen opened a car rental service manufactured by the Volga Automobile Plant in the city of Vantaa (Finland). He has ten cars in his collection, eight of which are available for rent. Basically, these are rear-wheel drive “Zhiguli” of different years of production, as well as two Niva.

Laurikainen was pushed to a radical reboot of his own career by the pandemic: after several years of work in Brussels and living in abundance, he found himself without another contract. At first, desperate and addicted to alcohol, he nevertheless decided to get out of trouble – and realize his childhood dream.

Soviet Lada was his old love. These cars were very popular in Finland in the 1970s and 80s; in the best years, up to 10 thousand copies were sold. But now they have become a real rarity.

Hannu collected his current vehicle fleet, painstakingly studying the ads for sale from the Baltic countries. And then he founded the company Siperian Hummeri Oy, which, depending on the context, can be translated as “Siberian lobster” or “Siberian Hammer”.

Each rental car has its own name. So, sand VAZ-2101 (aka Lada 1200), called Kopeekka, orange VAZ-2103 – Troikka, blue VAZ-21013 (Lada 1200S) – Nappisilm? (Eye bead), black VAZ-2106 – Ministeri (Minister), white VAZ-2105 (Lada 1300S) – Kanttilamppu (Edge of the lamp), red VAZ-21074 (Lada 1600S) – Deluxe, green Lada Niva – Boss, and also one, beige – Siperian Hummeri.

There are not many clients yet, but they are. And, although in terms of profitability Laurikainen calls his business nothing less than a crazy undertaking, he is very glad that she found a lively response in the Finnish motoring community, and is preparing to expand the car fleet.

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