What surprised the “charged” Tiguan R? Details about the new product

What surprised the “charged” Tiguan R? Details about the new product


Recipe Tiguan R identical top Golf R: a few original touches in the exterior, a sport steering wheel and front seats, retuned suspension and the most powerful motor in the range of the model.


Prototype “hot” crossover Volkswagen Tiguan R we saw a year ago, but that time was used by the previous body kit R-Line. Now testing out the Tiguan R in his native garb, which correlates with the appearance of the updated source model, whose spy shot we saw a week ago. This applies, in particular, headlights and bumpers, which still have masking.

The exhaust nozzles is four, just got a couple painted in black and is lost. Note the bend in the rear bumper: it is masked by the film, so the border between the black and white parts looks like a straight.

From the pre-reform Tiguan in some markets there is a petrol 2.0 turbo engine with recoil 230 HP and 350 Nm (acceleration to hundred in 6.3 C), and Barbadian 2.0 (240 HP, 500 Nm, and 6.5 C). You can imagine what will be able to “Erk” when you get a two-liter turbo engine 333 “horses” (like the Golf R). This, of course, only an expectation, but reasonable. By the way, Tiguan R, and Golf R could be a five-cylinder, but according to unofficial data, the Audi was delighted with the prospect to share its engine 2.5 with colleagues from Volkswagen, and they returned to the usual four cylinders.

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