What to expect from the new Quartet? BMW revealed details of

What to expect from the new Quartet? BMW revealed details of


The BMW Corporation has announced the release of the last phase of sled tests coupe 4 series the second generation. The Germans also declassified some specifications variations M440i xDrive, which will be a step below the M4 and get magkasabay power unit.

Variation M440i xDrive will get 374 of cilnio inline “turbosystems” and the 11-strong starter-generator that assists the engine on acceleration. It gets power from the mains at 48 volts. Powerplant functions together with 8-speed automatic transmission. The drive will offer a complete clutch connecting the front axle and an electronically differential rear.


The Quartet will be at 57 mm below the platform of the sedan BMW 3 series (1,385 mm), and the center of gravity of the compartment dipped to 21 mm. to increase the stiffness of the body, under the hood, on the underbody and in the attachment points of the suspension elements have additional amplifiers.

The drag coefficient of 0.015 on the coupe is lower than the sedan. But “treshki” this setting changes depending on the variation. The best indicator of 0.23 belongs in modification 320d.

After appearing in a family coupe BMW 4 series convertible will come with soft top, 5-door Gran Coupe and the electric car i4. When debuting 2-door and the remaining variation was not reported.

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