What will be a serial electric car based on BMW Isetta

What will be a serial electric car based on BMW Isetta


Micro Mobility Systems has released images of the third Microlino electric car prototype, which it calls “very close to the production version in terms of design.” According to New Atlas, the microcar, made in the style of the BMW Isetta model with a single-cylinder engine of the 1950s, should enter the conveyor in September this year.

Like the BMW Isetta, the two-seater Microlino has only one door at the front. There are no handles on the door: from the outside it opens with a button built into the mirror, from the inside – also a button that was placed in the area of ​​the windshield.

At the front and back of the electric car there are thin LED strips that serve as navigation lights, and also act as turn and stop signals. Small headlights are integrated into the side mirror housings.

Another difference from the previous prototype is the sliding soft top, with which the Microlino turns into a convertible. The company is going to equip them with expensive versions of the electric car by default, and offer them as an option for the basic ones.

Two displays are used in the interior, but Microlino will not have a full-fledged media system. One of the monitors is the dashboard, the second, much more compact, contains touch-sensitive buttons for controlling the air conditioner. For entertainment, passengers will have to use their own gadgets – smartphones and bluetooth speakers.

Microlino will be equipped with an 11-kilowatt electric motor capable of accelerating the car to a maximum of 90 km / h. It is expected that the serial electric car will be equipped with one of two batteries designed for a power reserve of 125 or 200 kilometers, while the developers of the novelty were able to arrange space for a 220-liter trunk.

The company plans to create two more prototypes, with the help of which Microlino must pass the certification procedure for the European markets. How much a small electric car will cost is not yet specified.

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