What will be the F1 cars in 2022?

What will be the F1 cars in 2022?


The car was apparently going to be presented at the Formula 1 Silverstone race, which will take place in a month.

There will be only 7 races in the 2021 Formula 1 season, but we have already got our first idea of ​​what the cars will look like next year after the sports regulations change. Photos of the 2022 car were leaked prior to the competition at Silverstone. And this will happen in almost a month.

The new car is designed to fix everything that was wrong with the current ones. Basically, they were too big and created too many aerodynamic disturbances in their path. These problems, in turn, created difficulties for the vehicles, which were more difficult to keep track of. This resulted in less overtaking and cross-traffic.

As you can see from the LiveGP photos, the design of the new car has been smoothed out and greatly simplified to reduce dependence on fenders and other interfering aerodynamic qualities. Instead, things like ground effects are used to restore some of the lost downforce.

The CAD models have shown that the new car is shorter than the current one, to alleviate the problem that they are too large to drive one after the other.

Photos do not show vehicle wheels, which will increase from 13 “to 18” by 2022.

Also, it’s worth noting that this is just a show car created for a showcase event. In other words, this is a hypothetical starting point. Therefore, we will almost certainly see the design start to change as teams make their own changes.

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