What will Ford be like in 2030?

What will Ford be like in 2030?


The design concept was developed based on a survey of schoolchildren aged 8 and 9: according to representatives of Ford, they will be the first generation to pass a driver’s license in an all-electric world. It turned out that most of all future motorists would like their car to be able to fly.

Among the young people surveyed, 79% said that they are looking forward to getting behind the wheel, while half of the survey participants would prefer an electric car. Only 17% of the respondents spoke for a gasoline engine, and 10% for a diesel engine. Among the main functions that respondents would like to see in the car of the future, the top priority was the ability to fly through the air. In addition, the survey participants mentioned comfortable seats, a developed acoustic system, and the possibility of autonomous control.

The sketch of an electric car for the “generation of the future” was developed by the chief designer of the exterior of European Ford cars Nedzad Muychinovich. So, Ford Future Generation is made in red and black colors, which, according to the poll results, turned out to be the most popular.

In addition, Ford also interviewed about two thousand British adults: it turned out that a fifth of them say that there is no need to prohibit cars with internal combustion engines. Among the factors that they will miss in electric cars, survey participants named visits to gas stations, the sound of the engine and the need to change gears. At the same time, almost 40% of respondents noted that they are afraid simply not to cope with the electric car due to its technical complexity.

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