What will save the appearance of the BMW M4? – Big off-road wheels

What will save the appearance of the BMW M4? – Big off-road wheels


The fictional camper-all-terrain vehicle turned out to be extremely harmonious.

Believe me, all this talk about the hypertrophied false radiator grilles of Bavarian cars has tired us as much as you have. However, there is nothing you can do about it: full-face and from a three-quarter angle in front, the new coupe of the 4 series looks a little strange. And things are even worse with the “charged” M4: the massive horizontal bars (instead of honeycombs) inside its nostrils are defiantly unpresentable.

But you know what? When we came across the instagram account of an independent artist called BradBuilds and saw the M4 Baja Overlander renderers there, we were amazed: the big wheels with mud tires stretched over them and a couple of off-road touches made the fictional “em-four” – let’s not be afraid of this word-fantastic!

Perhaps it’s all about the proportions multiplied by the lack of a front license plate. Or something else. But the fact remains that you can’t take your eyes off the car. According to the artist’s idea, the housing module of the Scorpion made of carbon fiber should accommodate a double bed and a kitchenette. And the source of energy is solar panels in the roof.

Sporting a bed, kitchenette and a pair of solar panels, this M4 is ready for anything! Truthfully, it’d probably get…

Published by BradBuilds on Thursday, November 5, 2020

And although it is quite obvious that nothing like this will ever be produced in Munich, we can hope that the renderers of the inventive BradBuilds will inspire someone from crazy (in the best sense) private owners.

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