What will the new Fiat Panda be like?


Currently, the Stellantis concern, which includes the Fiat brand, is developing a new generation Panda model, according to Topelectricsuv.com. And it is logical that the Panda will become an electric car. But a more interesting change could be another positioning of the model – the hatchback will turn into an entry-level crossover. It is likely that it will be built on the second generation eCMP platform, and the exterior will be borrowed from the concept Fiat Centoventi, which was unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The estimated cost is around 20,000 euros.

It is reported that now the concern already has a project under the factory index Fiat 364, which is planned to be launched at the brand’s Polish plant in Tychy. On the technical side, there is no information yet, it is only known that he will receive a battery from the Chinese manufacturer BYD. But is the 364 the new Panda? We will receive the answer to this question in April 2023, when the new product goes into production. Moreover, the gasoline version will initially go into production, and a year later – a hybrid version, which may call into question its relationship with the promising Panda.

In Europe, at the moment, the A-class to which Panda belongs is on the verge of extinction. This is due to the constant tightening of safety requirements and the level of harmful emissions. All these problems are accompanied by a systematic rise in prices, which is why compact urban models approach the cost of cars of a higher class. And despite the fact that in 2020 Panda occupied 47.8% of the segment in Italy, and 17.8% in Europe, the management of the concern does not see any prospects for this car in its current form.

The current city hatchback has been produced since 2011 and has already gone through several updates. The publication Passione Auto Italiane, citing sources within the company, assures that the current Fiat Panda will undergo many changes in 2022. It is likely that it will be named Fiat Panda Sport and will be produced in parallel with the new electric Panda.

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