What’s it like to be treated like a Ferrari owner

What’s it like to be treated like a Ferrari owner


A weekend away with Ferrari… meeting Mrs. Ferrari, trip on a luxury yacht, fine dining, police at the car parade, track racing with former F1 driver and more.Follow me on Instagram: @RadioBlondieCopyright free Music by:- We are One – Vexento- Blue Cloudy Sky Sunset- Red Nose Hose – Jingle Punks

this is the yes–why story this is where they’re putting us up for the weekend the mandatory Ferrari cap that’s what I’m gonna be wearing all weekend we’ve got to go in about five minutes time so I’m going to pop something on really quickly how’s it look I’m at one of only three people who’s been invited down here to see how Ferrari owners are treated when you buy a Ferrari this is the kind of experience you get so I’m going behind the scenes just to see exactly how exclusive it is to be a Ferrari oh no quick change ready for the op tour this experience is called the bots you’re on that officer this whole boat is for poor people isn’t that ridiculous this is how you get treated at a Ferrari event this whole yacht is for us for the next hour bye this is mine all right I’ll see you guys in a year look at this fancy bathroom look at this nice for a boat look at this it’s like a little Dana it’s beautiful this is the monster yeah this is nicer than my bedroom this is insane well you didn’t think they’d get me off it so onwards and upwards next drinks and in our thorough this is the car that you saw in my parking lot a couple of weeks ago and I can tell because of a license plate you won’t believe who were about to meet the granddaughter of Enzo Ferrari she is here her name is Antonella okay we’re going to go over where they have a bit of a chat to see what her favorite Ferrari ears I can’t believe she’s here this is a surprise tonight how amazing is that the granddaughter of the man who started it all come on it’s your favorite Ferrari the next the next owner I think that for a a day is a beautiful scenario my grandfather used to say the next one is the rest let’s wait for the next beauty right I also use the circle formula one yeah the best Victor is in the next I love that I’m gonna use that because that’s beautiful it’s such a personal meeting thank you for coming over all right the GTC loser it’s the first time I’ve seen this one up close well it’s a v12 engine and of course you’ve got the California here to my right that’s me gone hundred thousand dirhams out onel easy I’m Malou drew I’m merely an ion I didn’t read the contract problem yes this feels like home it is raining for a daisy – response – showed up look at the morale like why is this is this real everyone here in Abu Dhabi owner Ferraris the answer here pretty much yeah okay I’m about to go in with mplab that is flown over from Italy nice to meet you all right okay welcome for reading you do be thank you and sorry your name is anneka right Nick Erika Erika okay yes so Erika has flown over from Italy to teach us how to drive the four eight eight to get the most out of the car all right so what’s the first thing we need to know about a for a day this is the second model of between turbo engine or Ferrari because the first model was a based on the California T and this car is actually one of them must first the current market because of the reach a maximum area around the 330 kilometres an hour in which 0-200 in less than 30 seconds now it is really nice performance and zero to 200 invested 8.2 second that’s insane yep how many female pillows on it in our school we are 75 drivers and we are only three girls well but actually probably we can improve would you hire me looking for another so ya gonna talk to alright so this is my test okay after this no I mean maybe a few laughter alright for you because really great job yeah it’s amazing all right so we’ll swap over yeah no more see the Renewable of this car is the aerodynamic design okay because works so much on the on the performance of the car and you can see that in the way that yes it looks down the side yeah and this is exclusive from the Ferrari racing experience yeah and experiences on the fatigue six programs to the problem I have with this car is that it spins the back spins out when you go too fast no believe me it’s not so really cruel or aggressive like other models and I put in a daughter yeah it’s also more we could all know it perfect yeah so when you push you a little bit of over steering of course but so is perfectly – upon the action control this is my favorite spot at the lights first position it’s better to be the top of the podium not there yeah that’s right here you tell me you’re a competition yo – oh yeah I need to win it the lines you know yeah I know what you mean so how do you feel like being one of the only women in the team be like the men do they respect you like no absolutely no right no but it doesn’t matter I take my respect yeah exactly yeah it’s difficult sometimes being in this field as a woman so Shores they both time try to make you in trouble yeah do which is weird is now because it should be like like actually quite proud that there’s a of course so is there anything that I can improve on my driving the way that I’m driving is something I’m doing wrong as a daily use as a street user – you’re perfect I liked perfect from a pinata you’re funny so we’re about to take all these and end up back here after lunch so a whole parade of car okay it’s this car that’s it there are too many 4e dates we don’t even know which car it is to say so I think this is the one we’re going to ride in today let’s hope the guys in front of us are fast back passed into sees how far you going what RPM up here so I can check so I can check whether she’s shifting correctly and the rhinoceros with the right rpms for optimal performance in the past um arrows for a day gdb how am i doing so far I’m not sure whenever you drive a Ferrari you got to put on the Italian accent give us some like at the sub forget theater for the name forget it oh there’s a number on now let’s see how he’s doing second year 67 tortilla wall incredible gg-get lovely girl are you kidding me how many to count we’re going jump in let’s go so gang saying this wrong I’m not gangster Emily I’m not really not gangster do try you’re always wrong nearly got it gorgeous place look at view well we got to go find our car of red 488 GTB in a sea of other red rain a GTV no idea which one my car is honestly at this point it could be any of them either another five red 2 4 8 82 piece over here to Memphis yeah this is a new game it’s called find my Ferrari I quite like the game a Laker ticket every we go this one is its last for a mate black interior okay so let’s go on the search again oh my god ooh – it’s got to be up here and let me ask you I can’t believe I’m doing this I’ve just tried for red G de bourree eight and none of number my car none of them yes why yes finally fountain oh my god what service look at this swing is water round thank you so much you’re a champion that’s what I call service you know all right this is the former Formula one right you

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