When are we going to see the serial Mercedes E’S?

When are we going to see the serial Mercedes E’S?


The wait is almost over as Mercedes announced plans to unveil EQS 2022 on April 15th. The highly anticipated electric car will usher in a new era for Mercedes and should pose a serious threat to the Tesla Model S.

Mercedes is still keeping the details under wraps, but they have confirmed that battery production is currently taking place at their plant in Stuttgart-Hedelfingen, Germany. The facility has a production and logistics area of ​​approximately 16,500 square meters and batteries are produced on a production line of approximately 300 meters in length with over 70 separate production stations.

The EQS will be offered with a variety of batteries to meet different performance and range requirements. The largest of them will have a capacity of 108 kWh, which will provide a range of more than 700 km in the WLTP cycle. Mercedes also noted that the EQS energy management system will be able to receive updates over the air, while the batteries themselves will have “CO2-neutral cells” and a chemical composition that reduces the need for cobalt.

While production in Stuttgart-Hedelfingen is just beginning, Mercedes is already looking to the future with plans to build a new plant for small-scale production of future lithium-ion battery cells. It is planned to open in 2023 and continue the development of battery technology.

Mercedes will have a range of electric vehicles. The EQ family will expand over the next two years to include more than 10 electric vehicles, including the upcoming EQE, as well as crossover versions of the EQS and EQE.

Earlier it was reported that the Mercedes EQS will launch in August with a Plug & Charge option.

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