When I beat GTA: 19 the children stole 46 cars

When I beat GTA: 19 the children stole 46 cars


Children aged 9 to 16 years were stolen from dealerships in the U.S. state of North Carolina 46 cars in total 1 138 718 us dollars, according to CNN.

Police Department city of Winston Salem in North Carolina has been able to track down a gang of hijackers, terrorizing local dealers. Starting on 17 March, the attackers stole 46 brand new cars from 12 dealerships, and attack for another six dealers for various reasons failed. To the surprise of investigators, the hijackers turned out to be… children aged 9 to 16 years. The band, consisting entirely of juvenile offenders caused damage dealers in the amount of 1 138 718 dollars.


A gang of 19 children stolen from dealers 46 cars, but all but six have been found. Due to minor age children, it is impossible to arrest, complaining to the police, the Department of juvenile justice County of Forsyth refused to issue warrants. However, the officers detained 19-the summer man on suspicion in connection with juvenile car thieves in his garage found one of the stolen cars, and he resisted arrest. It is likely that he is the organizer of thefts committed and the leader of the gang.

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