When in Europe will begin interruptions with the “light” because of electric cars

When in Europe will begin interruptions with the “light” because of electric cars


Auditing company Ernst & Young, together with the European association of the electric power industry Eurelectric, predicted how the growing market for electric vehicles will affect the electric grid in Europe.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine Auto with reference to Eurelectric.

In the next 13 years, the number of electric cars in the Old World should grow from 3 to 130 million units. It is expected that in 10-15 years, peak loads on the networks will increase by 25-90%.

Even today, it is becoming obvious to specialists that a massive transition to electric vehicles will be accompanied by frequent power surges, loss of power and rising energy prices. This phenomenon can only be avoided by introducing a smart charging system.

In order to adequately service future electric vehicles, 34 million charging stations must be installed across Europe by 2030 and 65 million by 2035. The study notes that most of them should be installed in residential buildings, so how charging an electric car at home costs 60-80% less than at public stations.

It is believed that the power grid in Europe is ready to withstand up to 100 million electric vehicles. But to avoid power outages, electric car owners may be banned from charging at home during the day and the use of public stations will be significantly limited.

The peak load on the networks will increase by 90 percent by 2030, and the load factor of transformers by 80 percent. However, the deployment of home charging points alone will require 115 billion euros. In addition, a significant increase in electricity prices is expected. All these expenses will fall on the shoulders of the owners of electric cars.

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