When not out with electro: VW predicts a long life engine

When not out with electro: VW predicts a long life engine


To complete rejection of traditional internal combustion engine is still far away – but only under certain conditions.

While most of the major manufacturers are actively introducing their line of electric and hybrid powerplant, VW are not going to refuse the usual motors in the right to exist. And even explained why.

Volkswagen technical chief Matthias Rabe said the publication Autocar that the traditional internal combustion engine will live much longer than they predict some experts. Now they just need a new fuel synthetic origin.

“Synthetic fuels is in great demand, for example, in the aviation industry: aircraft will not run on electricity, otherwise you won’t cross the Atlantic. We take very seriously the need to reduce CO2 emissions and want to be this role model, but this does not mean that we abandon the internal combustion engine,” said Rabe.


In the opinion of the engineer, to put an end to the internal combustion engine before at least because the current electric cars are still a number of comparative design flaws. Their batteries are too heavy mass cars have a relatively small reserve, and “long-range” are too expensive.

The impossibility of complete elimination of the internal combustion engine in the foreseeable future is predicted and a number of other manufacturers. However, even in the Volkswagen in spite of this approach, actively investing in the development of new electric cars and start their serial production.

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