When the pension is joy McLaren as a gift for the 78 anniversary (video)

When the pension is joy McLaren as a gift for the 78 anniversary (video)


Norwegian Henry Herrfeldt celebrated its 78th anniversary, buying a Roadster McLaren Spider 720S 2018. Despite his advanced age and tremendous power of the supercar, the man uses it every day.

According to Henry, he daily enjoys the ride on his car despite the low fit and the rigid suspension of the car. Most 720S in a McLaren Spider, which he purchased for 4 000 CZK 317 he likes the dynamics.

In addition to the British supercar in the collection 78-year-old man has forty years of Roadster Shelby Cobra and 38-year-old replica of the Ford GT40, which he uses as vehicles of the day. However, in his opinion, the use of these machines is much more complicated because they are designed for track drive, therefore he decided to buy a modern McLaren.


Roadster McLaren 720S Spider debuted in late 2018. The supercar is equipped with Buturlinovsky four-liter V8 with a power of 720 horsepower and 770 Nm of torque. The unit is working together with seven-step “robot” with two clutches allows the car to accelerate to “hundreds” for 2.9 seconds. The maximum speed is 341 km / h.

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