When will Ford launch its autopilot?

When will Ford launch its autopilot?


Ford CEO Jim Farley spoke about this in an interview with CNBC.

Back in April of this year, Ford announced the emergence of an autonomous control system for its Mustang Mach-e electric cars and the F-150 electric pickup truck. However, according to the CEO of the company, the launch of the project had to be postponed until the first quarter of 2022 due to the manufacturer’s desire to simplify the technology.

What exactly will be the simplification of the system is not reported. We only note that the BlueCruise autopilot at the testing stage attracted the attention of foreign journalists with its accuracy and behavior on the road. It was noted that despite the complex name of the function, it has every chance of becoming a leader in its field.

BlueCruise is expected to receive about 80% of its Mustang Mach-e crossovers, with the remaining 20% ​​coming from base cars. At the same time, in the case of the electric pickup Ford F-150, only about 15% of the cars produced will acquire an autopilot.

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