When will the electric “Gelik” appear?

When will the electric “Gelik” appear?


Mercedes-Benz started thinking about a “green” version of the G-Class back in 2016, and in 2019 the model was officially announced. Now, thanks to the German website Mbpassionblog, the date of the premiere of the prototype of the electric Gelika has become known: according to preliminary data, the novelty will be shown as part of the IAA car show, which will be held in Munich in September 2021. The serial version under the EQG index will appear in 2022 or 2023.

Unlike the flagship Mercedes EQS and the EQE electric sedan, which are also due to be shown in Munich, the electric G-Class will not be a new model: Mercedes-Benz will not abandon the exterior of the iconic SUV and simply adapt it to the “battery” power plant. Probably, in the new incarnation, the model will retain all-wheel drive and will receive two electric motors – one on each axle.

According to rumors, they will be powered by a large battery with a capacity of 108 kilowatt-hours, which will provide the heavy EQG with about 500 kilometers of travel on the WLTP cycle. Due to the battery weight, the electric car will surpass both the diesel G350d (2351 kilograms) and the “hot” AMG G63 (2650 kilograms).

Mercedes-Benz registered the EQG name with the European Union Intellectual Property Office back in 2016, and in April 2021 applied for trademarks for two versions of the future electric vehicle – EQG 560 and EQG 580.

In 2020, the Stuttgart-based company confirmed that the G-Class will face “growth and electrification.” According to so far unconfirmed reports, already in 2023, the version of an SUV with traditional internal combustion engines may disappear from the brand’s lineup, and the next generation model will become completely “green”. This is in line with the new strategy of accelerated electrification, according to which Mercedes-Benz plans to phase out most of the “fuel” models by 2030.

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