When will the hybrid Ford Bronco Sport appear?

When will the hybrid Ford Bronco Sport appear?


Ford has 15 years of practical experience in hybrid production. Therefore, it is not surprising that the new Bronco Sport will also receive a similar version.

Unlike its older brother, Ford Bronco Sport went into production with almost no problems. The crossover has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, has received a prestigious safety award, and has attracted many buyers from other brands. Is that its production has already been “slowed down” due to the same shortage of electronic components. However, Ford has ambitious plans for a new model. Including the appearance of a hybrid version.

Actually launching a hybrid for Ford is not a problem at all. The Bronco Sport is built on the Ford C2 platform, which is also the basis for the 2022 Ford Escape and Ford Maveric. The first has a hybrid version, and the second is assembled at the same plant in the Mexican Hermosillo and even in the basic version is a hybrid. Earlier, the same plant produced the Ford Fusion, which also had a hybrid and plug-in hybrid version. So the plant is familiar with the specifics of these cars. Therefore, objectively, the preparation of the Bronco Sport hybrid does not take as much as 3 years, maybe even a few months. The reason is probably all the same in the shortage of electronic components. Ford is already having trouble finishing assembling the nearly finished F150, the manufacturer’s most popular product. Launching new versions in a shorter time frame may simply not make sense. due to the shortage of chips, assembly plants will be able to operate at full capacity in at least a year and a half.

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