When will the trains bypass the sales of cars with the DVS?

When will the trains bypass the sales of cars with the DVS?


Ernst & Young (EY), using artificial intelligence (AI) predictive tools, predicted that electric cars will surpass ICE cars in 12 years’ time.

Electric cars will overtake combustion-engine cars in sales 5 years earlier than originally estimated, according to an EY study. We are talking only about the world’s key car markets. In the European market, for example, this will happen already in 2028. In China by 2033 and the United States by 2036. Drivers of the popularity of electric cars will be new legislative initiatives in the field of ecology, as well as interest from buyers. According to EY, under the influence of the pandemic, people are more likely to abandon car sharing in favor of a personal car, and 30% of those surveyed would like to drive an electric car.

The study also reports that the European market will be the leader in the sale of electric cars until 2031, until China takes this place. Meanwhile, the share of cars with internal combustion engines, even in 5 years, will still be high – two-thirds of the total. But by 2030 it will drop to less than 50%. Requirements for greenhouse gas emissions will be tightened, which means that car manufacturers will have to actively introduce new battery models to the market and abandon cars with internal combustion engines.

We also advise you to watch a detailed test drive of the electric car Nissan Leaf 2021 from the FineAuto team:

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