Where better to order a car in Europe or USA?


More and more drivers decided to buy a car abroad. The reason for this lies in the economic benefit. Even with the cost of logistics and paperwork, this purchase is cheaper than purchasing a similar model in Ukraine. It remains to decide – to choose a machine from Europe or USA. In each case there are nuances.


In Europe, especially in its Western part, the roads are higher quality fuel and service at a high level are the main preconditions for the purchase of the car from Germany, France or Belgium. But it is worth remembering that there is a rarely used passenger transport A-class. Mostly hatchbacks and station wagons. SUV and too little.

A significant difference between European cars high mileage. In 5 years the car can run over 300 thousand miles of Buying the vehicle from Europe, you should monitor the correctness of documents. In some countries the laws are very different from ours. For example, in return German VAT on export purchases in Ukraine have a lot of their nuances.

More close neighbors of Ukraine – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria mainly offer budget options auto. Hence their low quality and poor condition. The most common problem with body, engine and malfunctions caused by hit in an accident. From the neighbouring countries mainly come from diesel cars with high mileage, hatchbacks or station wagons, but their range is small.


USA is the biggest car market in the world. Here you can select American, European, Japanese or Korean cars. They have a richer equipment, they have the volume engine, on the newer models there is an downsizing. Many brands auto world have their factories in USA, and the American Assembly of cars better.

Most cars with an automatic transmission and a gasoline engine. But there are hybrids. Also have a decent selection of electric cars. At affordable price you can find crossover. Mostly American cars bought through special auctions.

Transportation of cars from the USA takes an average of eight weeks. It was delivered by sea to the port of Odessa. Then the vehicle must pass a clearance. To simplify your life, many turn to companies which provide assistance with buying a car abroad, one of these is America Motors. Despite the additional costs associated with the delivery and execution of all documents, purchase of cars abroad, primarily in the United States, more profitable.

Features buying cars abroad

Definitely better to buy a car in America. In the USA, over a wide range of used cars than in Europe. Only the transportation can take a little more time.

You should contact the companies that help with processing such transactions. America Motors brings cars from the United States and provides the client with full service! By the way, to look at selected topical car auction here. The company selects the best cars, provides verification of his story, helps to know the true mileage, and decides all legal questions. Once the car arrives in the port of Odessa, the buyer to help with its customs clearance, certification, delivery to the place of residence and repairs, freeing him from the hassle!

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