Where is Volkswagen going?

Where is Volkswagen going?


Volkswagen is embarking on an Accelerate strategy to accelerate the transition to e-mobility with a focus on software.

For example, Volkswagen is going to invest about 16 billion euros by 2025 in projects related to the development of electric mobility, the transition to the production of hybrids and digital transformation. Volkswagen plans to increase the share of electric cars to 70% of the brand’s sales in Europe by 2030, which is 2 times more than the previous target (35%), according to the VW press service.

Volkswagen will continue to optimize the Electric Drive Modular Matrix (MEB), working on acceleration, charging power and range. VW also plans to focus efforts on creating a platform for the next generation of powerful and efficient electric cars with a small cross-sectional area of ​​the front end. It was named Scalable Systems Platform. This platform will first find its use in 2026 as part of the Trinity flagship project.

The car will receive a level 2+ autonomous driving system at the start of sales and a level 4 system in the future. With an annual sales volume of 6 million units, the company will receive the necessary funds to scale up autonomous driving technologies, which will make autonomous driving available to a wide audience by 2030.

Along with the accelerated development of electric mobility, the line of cars with internal combustion engines will also expand. All major models of the brand, including the Volkswagen Golf, Tiguan, Passat, Tayron and T-Roc, will have successors.

“For some time we will still need ICEs, but they should be as effective as possible. Therefore, the next generation of the main models, each of which is popular around the world, will be equipped with the most modern plug-in hybrid drive with an electric range of up to 100 kilometers, ”said VW CEO Ralf Brandstätter.

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