Where you do not come Formula 1 season in 2020

Where you do not come Formula 1 season in 2020


In F1 have officially confirmed the cancellation of three Grand Prix in the season 2020 – will take place on stages in Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan. The governing body expects to replace the canceled race competitions in other countries. While confirmed only the European rounds which will be held from 5 July to 6 September.

Cancel the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, Singapore and Japan pandemic coronavirus. The promoters of the races in Azerbaijan and Singapore have linked the failure of the races in the season 2020, the need to build urban trails; the official reason for the cancellation of the Grand Prix of Japan called the limits of local authorities to cross the border.


Initially race in Azerbaijan was to be held on June 7, and stages in Singapore and Japan had planned to hold on 20 September and 11 October, respectively. As will be filled in the pause, is not yet known, but it is possible that two stages will be held in our country, on the circuit in Sochi,, and Italy on the tracks at Monza and Mugello.

The management of Formula 1 has yet to officially confirm the eight stages – in the first part of the season “Royal races” will hold two Grand Prix in Austria at the Red bull Ring 5 and 12 July, and then will arrive in Hungary on 19 Jul; 2 & 9 August, will host two races in the UK at Silverstone, then on the 16th of August will stage in Barcelona (Spain); August 30 will be a race in Belgium, and on 6 September in Italy. We also know about the plans for Formula 1 to hold 15-18 stages this year and finished the season 2020 in December.

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