Which car does Clarkson regret selling? | #EveningWithTG | BBC

Which car does Clarkson regret selling? | #EveningWithTG | BBC


Clarkson reminisces about his Alfa GTV6. Watch the full live stream here Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: TopGear.com website: Facebook: Twitter:

what car do you most regret selling at the Carl I most regret selling would be my owl for gtv6 that was a cracking eye well it didn’t work every so much like the Ford GT every car I ever buy doesn’t work my Range Rover is now running on seven cylinders which is old it’s an odd noise but the GT v6 is the car there still to this day mate makes the nicest noise of any car I’ve ever driven well actually mine’s an Alfa which was that one 64 I had which had essentially the same engine slightly bigger but made the same nice bourbon noise and I really loved that car you know in an inexplicable Witsell for most regret selling Hammond I have never owned an Alfa I know so you aren’t a petrol sir I sold a 550 and I regret that Ferrari yeah not BMW fried food no I was gonna say when you talk about these cars as if it was ex-girlfriends the one you let go the one that got away sally-ann I know another alpha yeah mine always let me go that was the problem so this is the first job James has ever had he hasn’t been sacked from yes yes no I do I because we we’ve said this before Alfre mayor’s are they you wouldn’t know but they do worm know anyone got an outfit with me here if they did they learn their way into your hearts much more than any other you know you’re just driving a Fiat with a banal four badge on it but somehow there’s something about an Alfa and when they go it’s like you’ve lost a dog or a member of the family yes it is I know you’ll find that hard to believe alphas are much more human or but they have much more personality than any other car which is why they go wrong a lot like she they are they’re they’re like human beings they have faults they go wrong you should try a Hammond I’m yeah this is the year you didn’t you know you’ve always got something to think about not when will I get there but we like it well we were up the Himalayas basically yeah it was bitterly bitterly cold the camp the bloke who organized the campsite who had been provided by the BBC he gave us a box of matches for the fire but I think the fire had to make the fire from the box of matches

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