Which car will win Top Gear Speed Week 2020? (4K) | The Contenders

Which car will win Top Gear Speed Week 2020? (4K) | The Contenders


From the humble new Volkswagen GTI, right down to the money-can’t-buy seven motor 1,400bhp Ford Mustang Mach-E, here’s all you need to know about our full 16-car line up for Speed Week 2020, with Magazine’s Jack Rix. Which car will win? Well, you’ll have to pick up the latest issue, on sale now. Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.Want to share your views with the team?

welcome to top gear’s speed week 2020 our very own festival of fast and we’re not just making that festival bit up we are actually camping which is a bit of a stupid idea but we’re here at anglesey in wales we’ve unusually got some nice weather and we’re shooting the cover for the magazine which means we’ve got this sensational lineup of cars laid out in front of us and i thought you might want to meet them and have a good look around and see who the contenders are this year and we start here with the big boy don’t we the mclaren 765 lt we’re the first people outside mclaren to actually drive this car we did think how on earth are they going to make the 720s faster why would you want to make the 720s faster well here’s our answer and it’s got some big shoes to feel because the 675 lt was such a huge leap on from the 650s wasn’t it anyway great expectations for this car moving on the bmw m2 cs 444 horsepower 40 horsepower more than the m2 competition it’s got stiffer suspension it’s a little bit lighter it looks fantastic this car i have no doubt it is the best bmw m2 they make but is it 25 grand better than the competition oh yes a porsche 917 depending on how far away from it you might get this it is from a company called half scale cars i’m told there’s a 300 cc yamaha engine behind there and if you take the roof off it’s not just for children it’s for slightly vertically challenged adults like me too so definitely be having a go in that in a minute past some of the camping paraphernalia we’ll go over here to the mini gp on looks alone this has to be one of the looniest cars here doesn’t it look at the size of this wing at the back and these carbon fiber spats we’ll call them and there’s no seats in the back this thing is a bit of an animal 300 horsepower but it does have an eight-speed automatic gearbox is that gonna hamper its chances probably but let’s not you know jump to conclusions yet oh yes look at this a corsa blue ferrari f8 tributeo a bit of a funny car this one because on the face of it it is a brand new shiny ferrari it should be very exciting but for some reason this car is just a development of the 488 itself just a development of the 458 and yeah reception to it has been a little bit flat but i think we need to get real here guys because this is a 710 horsepower v8 twin turbo mid engine ferrari i think when we get out on track there’s going to be a royal rumble for the keys for this thing look behind me we haven’t got there yet over here yes the golf gti the eighth golf gti not that different to the seventh golf gti if i’m honest um probably the least interesting interesting car in the world isn’t it not much has changed 242 horsepower that’s the same as the old performance pack it’s got the same nqb chassis it’s basically got a slightly angrier face and a really annoying buttonless interior in there but it does drive well i’m told i’ve got a prediction for this car it’s basically going to sit around in the pit lane getting ignored because of all the other faster shinier stuff that we’ve got here but then when it comes to the five-hour drive home from wales and who’s going to keep it for the weekend there’s going to be a fight yes the porsche tycoon the 2019 top gear car of the year not the porsche of the year or the electric car of the year the car of the year because this thing just takes all your preconceptions about electric cars being heavy and clumsy and throws them out the window it’s biblically fast in a straight line it likes a corner too let’s hope we got somewhere to plug it in and then we come to this as if you didn’t spot it straight off world exclusive the ford mustang mackie 1400 a one-off technology demonstrator designed to show people who are doubters about electric cars what electric cars can do so 1400 horsepower as you probably guessed seven electric motors three at the front four at the back and it’s the configurability of this car that makes it what it is so you can have front wheel drive rear wheel drive four wheel drive um it can be have a drift setup with extra lock and basically a completely new front end or a track set up with loads of grip and wait until you hear this thing it sounds like a banshee on acid come on we gotta keep moving lamborghini the lamborghini evo the huracan evo rear wheel drive a car that has a sense of humor doesn’t it not only is it painted in this entirely appropriate acid green color but as i mentioned this is the rear wheel drive one so 5.2 liter v10 naturally aspirated 600 horsepower and rear wheel drive so it likes a skiddle to this car and we shall be sampling those as the week goes on the audi rs6 the ultimate 600 horsepower dog kennel on the road this car is a rocket ship i’ve got a feeling on track it’s going to be a bit big and a bit heavy but you know what if it doesn’t work out it’s always good to have something large to do the snack run or you know if we run out of toilet paper back over here we’re zig-zagging you can see it’s a cover chute so we have to spread the cars right out of the back hence the distances between them yes you gotta have an aston martin haven’t you the aston martin v8 vantage roadster it’s advantage without a roof and a four liter twin turbo amg v8 engine so it’s gonna sound glorious and smell glorious when we do some donuts in it later now what is this i hear you say a classic car at top gear speedweek well not exactly first of all it’s not eligible to win this thing because you can’t actually buy one but it is probably the most fun you can have on four wheels basically a replica of a db5 carbon fiber body on top of an m3 chassis although aston doesn’t like to confirm what’s underneath this is the stunt car from the new bomb film no time to die and it’s just hilarious because it looks like a million quid classic but you can drive it like a stolen citron saxon genius over here the new porsche 911 turbo s just checking it is the s isn’t it yeah all good if you like your face rearranged in new and interesting ways then this is the car to do it it has 3.7 flat 6 twin turbo 641 horsepower north 62.7 seconds and well over 200 miles an hour it’s the one true everyday supercar isn’t it and it just got a little bit more super three more to go the morgan plus four the new morgan plus four tally ho it’s like one of those um smeg fridges isn’t it that looks retro and old school on the outside but inside it’s actually new and up-to-date and quite high-tech because under this big body work is morgan’s new aluminium chassis and up front is a bmw engine two liter turbo four-cylinder 255 horsepower also no electronic aids in this apart from abs so when it inevitably rains it’s going to be quite fat over here the alpine a110 s so you may remember two years ago the alpine a110 came to top gear speed week it saw it conquered it went away with the overall title just a brilliant brilliant little car so it’s now sprouted an s a bit more power stiffer suspension it will be glorious to drive this car but why aren’t we getting away from what the alpine is all about in the first place is more power and stiffer suspension always a good thing we’ll find out and finally if you don’t count the burger van and the old defender in the background we come to this the aerial nomad r better to think of this thing as more of a tarmac rally car than an off-road buggy like the standard nomad it’s harder it’s faster it’s got the engine from the atom 3.5 r so a supercharged 2 litre 300 355 horsepower again very fast around the track it’s got six-speed sequential gearbox so you only need the clutch to move off from a standstill it’s obviously very very very exciting this car but aren’t we again getting away from what the nomad was in the first place bit of an identity crisis here but i’m prepared for it to prove me wrong so that’s it those are the cars of speed week 2020 and with that ladies and gentlemen i’d like to announce that speed week is officially open you

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