Which is better on the track: a Formula 1 car, a bus, a taxi or a fighter?

Which is better on the track: a Formula 1 car, a bus, a taxi or a fighter?


The Red Bull Racing Formula One team has posted an English-humored race between the Red Bull RB7 and a motley assortment of opponents called the “Best of British”.

The Red Bull RB7 car was driven by Max Verstappen. The UK’s Best Representatives team includes a night bus with fun passengers, a van with workers, a classic London taxi cab, a hatchback with festival-ready passengers, a hot hatch and a Supermarine Spitfire.

Verstappen gave a head start to his rivals, and when he caught up, they began to interfere with this in every possible way. For example, a bus driver, maneuvering from side to side of the road, did not allow the car to accelerate, and the driver of the hot hatch constantly drifted and allowed himself to get ahead only when he stood on two wheels.

The workers in the van got stuck at a “pit stop” in the form of a street food kiosk, the taxi driver got out of the way when his passengers had to get out, and the youth in the hatchback probably got too carried away with phones, forgetting about the purpose of the trip. The only worthy rival of the car was a fighter from the Second World War. The race car and the plane arrived at the finish line almost simultaneously.

Obviously, there was no real competition, as such, but the video turned out to be amusing.

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