Who will win?!: Cybertruck Tesla and Ford F-150 competing in the tug of war

Who will win?!: Cybertruck Tesla and Ford F-150 competing in the tug of war


During the premiere Cybertruck Tesla Elon Musk showed in a video how much an electric truck outperforms its competitor Ford F-150 in a tug of war. Recently Ford has responded to the results of this test, promising for several years to bring to market a hybrid F-150, followed – his all-electric version.

Cybertruck capacity is 1.5 ton and pickup can tow a trailer weighing up to 6.4 tons. For example, he easily pulled the Ford F-150, the weight of which, depending on the version, can vary from 1.8 to 2.5 tons.

Tesla Cybertruck will appear on the market in three versions: with one electric motor and rear-wheel drive, and with two and three engines drive all four wheels. The most powerful version is able to dial first “hundred” for three seconds and rides on a single charge, more than 800 kilometers.

However, despite the obvious advantage in power to the extent of F-150 sales in the U.S. pickup Elon musk is still far. Even with the most optimistic forecast Tesla in the first year of production Cybertruck will produce about 175 thousand copies of the model, while Ford annually sells about a million pickups.

The lineup of Ford F-Series is incredibly popular in the United States, and the F-150 holds the second place in the list of best-selling cars of the year (data for the first seven months). In September the American brand managed to sell more than 210,000 pickups.

Earlier it became known that Tesla in just two days has collected about 150 thousand pre-orders for the Cybertruck. The production model will begin in late 2021, so customers will have to wait for pickups at least two years. By this point arrives, and a fully electric Ford F-150.

What do you think, will the next F-150 to beat Tesla Cybertruck?

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